Do I really need an interior designer for my project?

Only you ultimately know whether or not you need an interior designer. I will say, there is more value in experience than in inexperience. And since we have worked with hundreds of happy clients, we can provide solutions that may not have initially occurred to you. You can definitely benefit from a designer’s objective viewpoint, and we can offer exceptional guidance about products which are new or tailored to your needs.

Can I really afford an interior designer?

Our interior design services are offered on a consultation basis. You can purchase as little or as much help as you need! When you take into account the incredible knowledge and experience of our interior design staff, you can actually save on spending by eliminating those costly errors that occur while searching for the products that are actually right for you!

When do I need to involve an interior designer in my project?

The sooner the better. Interior designers can speak to the client and help establish a course of action that best suits your personalized design plan. We can create “footprints” which reflect the spatial relationships and required project adjacencies. We can develop project specifications and engage other professionals required to complete the project. This process eliminates confusion and saves the client money by assuring that all tradesmen are providing “apples to apples” pricing.

What is your firm's decorating/design style?

As with all designers and people in general, we have our personal taste in decorating. But we do not dictate these to our clients, nor does our staff believe in creating “cookie cutter” designs based on current popularity trends. It is our job to engage you, to listen to your needs and wants, and to assist you in creating a space that is reflective of your personality, your lifestyle, and your individual design needs. It is our job to apply the principles of design and to make sure you do not make any costly errors through oversight or lack of understanding of the design process.

What services do interior designers provide?

As designers, we provide data gathering/programming (determining exactly what is needed); space planning; problem-solving; furniture specifications and layouts; finish specifications and schedules; technical drawings (blueprints, elevations, schematics, perspectives, etc); electrical and acoustical planning; circulation and lighting analysis; barrier-free and code compliant design solutions; product purchasing and installation services; and project management/oversight.

Do you charge for your first meeting?

There is a charge for the first consultation of $175.00. If you decide to move forward and enter into a contract with my firm, that $175 will be applied towards future design time.

Will you make changes to my plan if I don’t like something you’ve selected?

If we’ve missed the mark on an item or two, you may send us your thoughts via email, and we will provide up to three re-selections at no charge per design plan.

How do you charge for your services?

I have an hourly design fee and a mark-up on any product that can be purchased through my business only.

Why do you have an hourly fee and a mark-up on the product?

The design fee is for overall design concepts, solutions to the problems, and advice on any purchases. When a product is ordered through E-Design Interiors, there is a great deal of time spent on producing purchase orders, ordering cuttings of fabrics, and samples for approval. Also, time is spent on checking on the status of orders, unloading shipping trucks, unpacking boxes, deposing trash, coordinating deliveries, and generally ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly until the item is delivered to the client. Even though I receive great discounts on all materials ordered through E-Design Interiors, there is a product mark-up that covers this entire ordering and delivery process that assures the clients’ peace of mind.

Do I have to use a Designer’s services for everything, or just as needed?

Every designer works differently. We are happy to work with you as a consultant and assist you through the entire process. Or simply use us for consulting and advice, which allows you to make your own purchases.

Do you work with any particular style(s)?

I work with many different styles and prefer to help each client create their own signature style. Although styles vary, the common thread through all my projects is a clean, uncluttered look.

Why do I need an Interior Designer if I already have an Architect?

Architects and interior designers work very differently. Most architects work with structure and building design and prefer not to work with details of interiors. Whereas designers focus on kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, color schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments and furniture. Designers can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, as your budget allows. The ideal design team consists of both an architect and an interior designer to cover all spectrums of your internal and external spaces.